Art and Community in Wild Lands

Gretchen Butler Wild Art invites you to enjoy stories, fine and functional art, whimsical sculptures, and books.

Stories from the wild lands…


Climate change, plague, war, cultural conflict, economic uncertainty and personal challenges have been wearing us down. We feel cranky, critical, helpless, witchy. We moan or chuckle, smirk or snort over how we’re becoming nattering nabobs of negativity.* Then, we find a way to ditch doldrums by pitching energies into a neighborhood project. The annual appleContinue reading “Juice”

Jim’s Bitchin’ Kitchen

Jim and I have become elders. Seems like over night we’re over the hill, making adjustments, shedding old habits and expectations, wondering how on earth we’re going to cope with extreme old age. We’re picking up tips about each other’s domain–when one of us knocks off, the other will somehow survive. Jim is learning toContinue reading “Jim’s Bitchin’ Kitchen”

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