Stories from the wild lands…

The Game

During this summer’s dog day doldrums I didn’t have the gumption for art work or writing. My list of ideas for Wild Art stories was bland and way too light-weight to be appropriate during raging fires, hurricanes, deepening social fissures and the pandemic. Even though I was mucking about in a mud puddle version ofContinue reading “The Game”


We usually have a seaside sack lunch on our way to town. On this day, though, we nix the picnic and I lose my 20/20 eyesight at Blind Beach. We notice the rough surf with white caps, but don’t expect such a buster-bluster blaster ferocious wind. It almost knocks me down as I step outContinue reading “Vision”

Ranch Work Parties

Discussion of the upcoming fire season begins with mega-praise for the conscientious commitment and expertise of our fire fighters and emergency medical technicians. Fort Ross Volunteer Fire Department (officially North Bay Fire Station 43) serves 33 sq. miles in addition to giving assistance to other regional fire districts. The heroic team puts out dozens ofContinue reading “Ranch Work Parties”

Poppy Parade

On our small ranch, poppies rule. We’ve encourage them whenever and wherever they sprout. Now they are everywhere. I wish you could view the parade on an Imax screen. Even on a teensy phone screen, though, flower power vibes sync up with the rhythm of my heart. The parade starts with red poppies Papaver rhoea.Continue reading “Poppy Parade”

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