Ruth Downes, Miniature Bookbinder Artist

Paper Legends, opening Friday, Jan. 20 at Gualala Arts, features unique, amazing paper artists who will inspire and delight us. Ruth Downes is among the dozen artists, but before launching into the story of her library of teensy tomes, here’s the list of other artists who will also command our attention: Donnalynn Chase, Jackie Gardner,Continue reading “Ruth Downes, Miniature Bookbinder Artist”

Pie Day in Mullen, Iowa: June 6

As friends describe their jolly summer car trips, I feel jealous. I’m glad they are adventuring, but that’s not in the cards for us this year. My workaround is to peek through the rear view window of time and savor the car camp trip to our niece’s Chicago wedding in June, 2019. Tables are fullContinue reading “Pie Day in Mullen, Iowa: June 6”

Jim’s Bitchin’ Kitchen

Jim and I have become elders. Seems like over night we’re over the hill, making adjustments, shedding old habits and expectations, wondering how on earth we’re going to cope with extreme old age. We’re picking up tips about each other’s domain–when one of us knocks off, the other will somehow survive. Jim is learning toContinue reading “Jim’s Bitchin’ Kitchen”

Beach Art 2022 and ….

When the words low tide 2:39 p.m. Jan. 12 popped up on our email from Rick Paulus, we immediately gave our standard enthusiastic YES! We invited a few friends and packed up a picnic. The sand doesn’t stay smooth for long–dogs and humans scuff it up. But it doesn’t matter because of beach art’s largeContinue reading “Beach Art 2022 and ….”

All for the Love of Olive Oil

The first time Gayle Alexander and Wanda Swenson spread out their new olive harvest netting, our minds melded as we flashed on the space-time continuum. The net’s grids and folds reminded us of cosmic and micro relationships. Since our focus here is local olive harvests, we imagine it is theoretically possible to map coordinates forContinue reading “All for the Love of Olive Oil”

The Mummy’s Hand and….

Angie Cooper’s green hair and scream show how I felt during The Mummy’s Hand–my first and last horror movie. The curse, the potion, the spell and suspense have haunted me since 4th grade 4-H summer camp. Jim’s mummyish hand, worn out from work and old age, is almost as scary as the 1940 version. IContinue reading “The Mummy’s Hand and….”